Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baking Day

I like to peek at the blog’s stats and see where our readers are from and how they find us. Many are friends and acquaintances who share a kinship through loving a child who has special needs. There’s also family (thanks Mom), and intermittent visitors, some who search key words or stumble on the site purely by accident. Then there’s the “tracking” sights out there, cruising for blogs that would be a good fit for advertising.

I had to chuckle recently when I clicked on the URL for one such site and read what it was they gathered of us. It said, “, insufficient data for identification.” Yup, that’s me, a little of this and a little of that… my blog an electronic journal of arbitrary thoughts and experiences, all neatly tied by a common thread the “trackers” cannot see. I suppose their insufficient data means I fly under the radar. I think I kind of like that.

*Note the rather large bulge in his left pocket?
Only the best bakers carry their favorite trains to work.
Today the boss and I researched and baked; our initial plan of a day at the farm dampened by Mother Nature’s confused interpretation of this year’s spring.

Oh no, keep your peepers open for the pics Chef Corey!
Like this?
Are they ready yet?

Ginormous blueberry muffin success!